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Hosting Packages


Blue Hosting offers you a comprehensive collection of options
which is simple to use, easy to customize and extendable.


Various hosting packages to suit your needs, from a business-card site to business applications and e-commerce sites.


Multiple email addresses, aliases, forwarders and catch-all mailboxes.


Need to get going quickly? We have default ready-to-go software installations, from Wordpress to shopping carts.


With CPANEL access, you have complete control over your hosting setup.

Your domain name helps the world to find you.

A domain name is a way to identify and locate computers and resources connected to the Internet. No two organizations can have the same domain name.

Every company or organization that wants to be on the internet will register a domain name for use as their on-line identity or name that clients will use to access on-line services such as the organization's website or email system.

For example, GOLF-MI registered the domain name GOLF-MI.COM, so users on the internet can access their website at WWW.GOLF-MI.COM and send email to GOLF-MI employees at username@GOLF-MI.COM. Much like a company's name, logo, or 800 numbers, a domain name has marketing value when customers can easily remember and associate it with the organization. Since over 11 million domain names have already been registered world-wide, it can be difficult to find a good domain name. We can help you find domain names and will help you through the processes of registering a domain and setting up a website for your business or organization.


We offer various services to realise your website hosting ideal.


We offer basic website design, alternatively a host of options for you to design your own.

Domain name registration

Personalise your website with a unique name that fit's your business.


Looking to update your website yourself? We have various Content Management options on offer.